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VOTE SXSW EDU 2020 Proposal | Educators: Finding Balance in an Imbalanced Role

Watch Wade Repta, author of The Well Teacher and Vice President of humanworks, discuss his thoughts on balance and wellness for educators in the K-12 system as part of his pitch for a spot at SXSW EDU 2020.

If you would like to see Wade give his talk titled, Educators: Finding Balance in an Imbalanced Role, in Austin, TX, next year, please go and vote* at: 

*Voting opens on August 5, 2019




Educators: Finding Balance in an Imbalanced Role


Educators are constantly striving for balance without a clear idea of what balance actually means for a group of professionals that, by their nature, put their focus on everyone else first. We explore the links between balance and wellness, challenges related to balance, and why prioritizing educator wellness is an integral but often overlooked part of the education system. If we relook at what balance means, including the commitment to self and to the profession as a whole, balance is possible!


  1. Understand the relationship between balance and wellness as it relates specifically to the role of an educator.
  2. Develop more realistic expectations around what balance and wellness should look like for educators.
  3. Explore wellness and balance goals within the framework of a personal wellness plan.


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