The Well Teacher Featured as a Top Pick in the OSSTF's Education Forum Magazine

Education Forum Fall Issue 2019

The Well Teacher has been featured as a "Top Pick" in the latest issue of the OSSTF's Education Forum magazine. In the review, Nanci Henderson describes The Well Teacher as an "excellent resource" and highlights the book's strong focus on personal accountability through developing and setting wellness goals as well as the variety of complementary wellness tools designed to help any teacher "transform common sense into personal practice."

Noting the scope of data and research on which The Well Teacher is based, Ms. Henderson goes on to write, "It would be easy to dismiss The Well Teacher as yet another self-help missive, however, the research and Canadian context, as well as the statistics will read like an educator’s diary." 

Ms. Henderson concludes, The Well Teacher "gives voice to dynamics that we are almost desensitized to since it is our work reality. For anyone heading back to school who is not quite recharged from the 2018–19 year, The Well Teacher may give you a framework to get yourself on track."

To read the latest issue of Education Forum or to read the full review, visit or click here.

The Well Teacher book review by Nanci Henderson


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