General FAQ

Have questions about The Well Teacher? We've put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about The Well Teacher. Please note that more specific information can also be found in the Policies section on our website.

1. What is The Well Teacher?

The Well Teacher is based on 20 years of wellness-related work with teachers. It was written as a guide for all teachers who want to take more control over their own wellness; as a resource for teachers who are struggling with any aspect of their wellness; and, as a resource for other educators and wellness providers who work with teachers. Most importantly, The Well Teacher is a starting point for anyone with wellness-related questions or concerns who works in the field of K-12 education.

2. How does The Well Teacher actually help teachers?

The Well Teacher can be used as a reference for teachers struggling with any aspect of their wellness. Feeling burned out? There is a section for that. Experiencing pain? There is a section for that. Feeling as though your classroom set-up is contributing to your disability? There is a section for that.

Chapters and sections have been organized in a way that allow you to read it in a linear fashion or by only reading the sections that are applicable to you. If you happen to have a specific wellness concern in mind, the introduction provides some handy suggestions about which chapters can best be grouped together. The Well Teacher truly is an A to Z guide that will empower all teachers to improve their wellness so that they can enjoy long and healthy careers in the classroom.

3. Can The Well Teacher help a teacher who currently has no issues?

Absolutely! The Well Teacher provides all teachers with the information and tools they need to be well and stay well. The tools and information found in The Well Teacher can be both preventative and remedial, ultimately allowing teachers to be better equipped to stay resilient when faced with wellness-related challenges. Whatever those challenges are, they will be easier to manage using the strategies found in this book.

4. Who else can benefit from The Well Teacher?

One of the best things about The Well Teacher is that it's not just teachers who can benefit from the information found in this book. The Well Teacher is an invaluable resource to anyone who works with or in support of teachers, such as HR, principals, superintendents, district representatives, occupational health and safety group members, etc.. Our belief is that when these other individuals are fortified with the information found in The Well Teacher, a broader culture of wellness within the education system can be achieved.

5. I would like to use some of the worksheets in my book, where can I find printable versions of The Well Teacher's worksheets?

We've provided all of our printable worksheets FREE of charge on the Resources section of our website. Choose whichever worksheet you need, add it to your cart, and follow the steps to "check out". Once you've completed the check out process, you will receive a link to download your worksheet(s). Remember, all of these FREE resources are available for personal use or non-commercial use with individual clients. If you would like more information about usage guidelines, please consult Section 2 - General Conditions of our Terms of Service.

6. What other kind of information is in The Well Teacher?

The Well Teacher provides tools to assess and track wellness, with links to all printable exercises and worksheets. It offers detailed explanations to make theories and strategies more relatable with images to demonstrate equipment and proper set up. Examples of Goal Flows can be found at the end of every chapter to assist in planning, setting, and achieving specific wellness goals. Finally, The Well Teacher also includes links to relevant online videos, websites, and resources for anyone looking for additional information or support on a specific wellness topic. 

7. I would like to contact the author, Wade Repta, about hosting a The Well Teacher workshop for our group or providing a keynote at our conference; is he available?

Wade is more than happy to provide your group(s) with interactive and hands-on workshops that will complement any of the material found in The Well Teacher. Depending on your needs, sessions can be limited to specific topics (such as a unique chapter, like Teacher Mental Health) or more broad (like how to get the most out of The Well Teacher). If you would like to hire Wade for a workshop or speaking engagement, please Contact Us or email us at


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