Find out what people are saying about The Well Teacher: Everything Teachers Need to Know to Be Well and Stay Well in the Classroom.

I have been a teacher for over 20 years, about the same amount of time that I have known Wade Repta. I have always valued Wade’s insight and advice on overall health and wellness. In The Well Teacher, Wade shares his vast expertise and provides teachers with an invaluable resource on mental and physical health. This book offers teachers of all levels plans, tips, guidelines and more, to help them maintain a long and healthy career.  Thank you to Wade and Andrée Repta for creating this manual that will personally help me grow, persevere and heal.

- Vince C., School Counsellor

This helpful resource is full of practical tips for the daily and long-term challenges of teaching.

- Shannon V., Elementary Teacher

The Well Teacher has been a great tool and resource for all my staff, not just the teachers.

- Deborah L., Principal

I recommend this book to teachers at any stage of their career.

- Mike K., BCTF

I was introduced to The Well Teacher last year and have found myself going back to this resource when I find myself overwhelmed... Teacher wellness ties hand-in-hand with student wellness. When the teacher isn't 100%, teaching and learning suffers. So it's really important that we take care of ourselves, so that we can be the best for our students.

- Isabella L., High School Teacher

Ultimately, [The Well Teacher] has an element of accountability that transforms common sense into personal practice for any worker struggling... [The Well Teacher] reads like an educator's diary. It gives voice to dynamics that we are almost desensitized to since it is our work reality. For anyone heading back to school who is not quite recharged... The Well Teacher may give you a framework to get yourself back on track.

- Nanci H., Teacher