About The Well Teacher

The Well Teacher is the most comprehensive source of teacher wellness information available today.

The Well Teacher is the most comprehensive teacher wellness resource available today; nothing like it exists. Teaching is increasingly becoming one of the most demanding of all professions. In fact, studies have shown that the occupational demands of teaching, including accountability, emotional investment, physical requirements, and available resources, ranks the profession alongside first responders, prison guards, and police officers. 

Moreover, teachers, like everyone else, will have periods in their lives when they are experiencing health-related concerns, which inevitably make the job that much more challenging. Whether these health concerns are due to injury, illness, or disability, teachers are often so focused on the needs of their students and their schools that they do not take the time to consider their own health and wellness. This can lead to a cycle of stress, pain, fatigue, and professional dissatisfaction.

The Well Teacher was written to provide the most up-to-date, teacher-specific information to help teachers understand and address their wellness needs by equipping them with practical tools to set goals, make positive changes, and access resources. In addition to providing information that will help teachers navigate their wellness challenges, The Well Teacher is also designed to help teachers be more resilient to the demands of their roles with proactive wellness strategies. Whether teachers are well or struggling with their health, The Well Teacher has something for everyone.

Well teachers equal well classrooms

Topics covered in The Well Teacher include: 

  • Chapter 1: Teacher Wellness discusses general themes relevant to teacher wellness, regardless of any specific disability or personal challenges. The topics and strategies covered can apply to any teacher and can also assist teachers who are currently well to minimize their risk of illness or decreased wellness.
  • Chapter 2: Teacher Mental Health addresses the most common mental health challenges among teachers, such as stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety, and offers some helpful strategies to assist teachers in managing their emotional and psychological well-being in a way that allows them to be successful in the classroom.
  • Chapter 3: Teacher Physical Health provides information on how pain and fatigue affect teachers, and then outlines specifically how certain disabilities and impairments can be managed in the classroom to decrease their associated barriers and to improve teachers’ ability to teach.
  • Chapter 4: Ergonomics in the Classroom builds on the teacher physical health chapter and provides teachers with the information they need to set up their physical teaching spaces with their own wellness and barriers in mind.
  • Chapter 5: The Teacher Voice examines the impact of teaching on voice and how teachers can protect their voice in what is a growing problem among classroom teachers.
  • Chapter 6: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Teaching is becoming an increasingly important issue for all teachers to be aware of, as it can devastate a teacher and their ability to teach. Even if you aren’t personally affected, knowing how to support your fellow teacher and keep them safe can be the difference between their being able to remain in teaching or having to leave the profession.
  • Chapter 7: Return to Work outlines both general principles and specific examples of how teachers can safely and durably return to work following illness or injury; and, provides information that can empower the teacher to pursue accommodations that will allow them to return to teaching or to more confidently maintain their teaching role.

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