The Well Teacher is Here

We are thrilled to announce the (un)official launch of The Well Teacher: Everything Teachers Need to Know to Be Well and Stay Well in the Classroom. This passion project has taken us nearly 2 years to complete and has really allowed us to dig deeper into our understanding of the triumphs and challenges that our K-12 teachers today face. With this book, we have sought to provide the most comprehensive resource available today that supports and empowers all teachers, no matter their role or tenure, to address their own health and wellness needs so that they can enjoy a long and successful career in the classroom.

As we continue on our mission to bring this resource to as many teachers as possible, we look forward to providing you with helpful and informative content that relates to all aspects of teacher wellness. Our goal is simple: let's help teachers feel their best, so they can be their best!

Let us know what topics you would be interested in reading about in the comments below.

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