The Well Teacher Webinar Managing Well and the New Way of Teacher During COVID-19 handout title page

The Well Teacher Webinar: Managing Well and the New Way of Teaching during COVID-19 Handout

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COVID-19 has brought on countless changes to the profession of teaching. Teachers are essentially learning an entirely new way of teaching. Not surprisingly, teacher wellbeing has been challenged like never before. In this webinar and handout, humanworks VP and author of The Well Teacher, Wade Repta, BHSc., OT., addresses some of the biggest impacts COVID-19 has had on teacher wellness.

This handout features:

- Addressing ways to manage teacher wellness during COVID-19
- Identifying key areas where teachers are struggling and why
- A review of The Well Teacher Wellness Map and a discussion on how teacher wellness and balance has changed as a result of COVID-19
- Strategies for maintaining teacher wellness during COVID-19
- Helpful resources and links for teacher wellbeing