The Well Teacher Webinar Managing Physical Health During COVID-19 handout title page

The Well Teacher Webinar: Managing Physical Health During COVID-19 Handout

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COVID-19 has infinitely changed how we live and work. Perhaps most significantly, it has changed how we manage our own health and wellbeing. For some teachers, their physical health has stepped into greater focus, while for many others it has simply fallen off the health checklist all together. Between increased teacher workloads, implementing virtual learning modules, and supporting your own family's in-person and virtual education needs, it can feel next to impossible to turn the focus inwards on our own physical health. In this webinar and handout, humanworks VP and author of The Well Teacher, Wade Repta, BHSc., OT., highlights some of the aspects of teacher physical health and how this has been impacted by COVID-19.

This handout features:

- A review of general exercise and nutrition guidelines
- A discussion on healthy sleep partterns
- Healthy sleep do's and don'ts
- Managing pain and fatigue as a teacher 
- Helpful physical health resources and links for teachers